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Cotton Swabs ST-001
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Cotton Swabs ST-001 Cotton Swabs ST-001Cotton Swabs ST-001

Cotton Swabs ST-001


Industrial cotton swabs with superior properties are extensively used in cleaning electronic products, optics lens, micro-scope, magnetic read head and precise components etc. Meantime, it extends to be applied in cosmetics and medical industries. We are active to take part in the new product development with our customer.

Packing way:

25pcs/pack, 50packs/box, 20boxes/carton

product description


1. ST-001 can replace HUBY340 CA-002.

2. The greatest feature of this product is that all the operations complete in a dust-free workshop, to ensure that we can product clean cotton swabs without pollution.

3. Paper stem has good solidity and toughness. It is featured of stability, uneasy to be broken or cause powder. Stem is degradable and environment-friendly compared with plastic or wooden stem swabs.

4. 100% pure cotton head is lint-free after special handling. It has high absorbent speed. After absorbing, the cotton head will not be loose.

5. Elaborately designed cotton swabs head can remove particle and residue excellently. 

6. Various cotton tips are available.