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Clean Room Cotton Buds Raw Materials
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Clean Room Cotton Buds Raw Materials


Main raw materials used in the production of cotton buds are cotton, paper stem and binder.

100% pure Cotton tip is made of long-fiber absorbent cotton. The buds tip is featured of lint-free, high absorbent property and not becoming loose after absorbing solvent.

Paper stem is the most important carrier of cotton buds. Our paper stem is made of paper imported from overseas. Paper production adopts 100% virgin pulp as raw material. Our paper stem is featured of stable shape and uneasy to be broken or not causing particles. Stem is degradable and environment-friendly compared with plastic or wooden stem swabs. Current sizes are in 2.5mm Ø & 1.5mm Ø diameter. 

Outer Package adopts powder-free plastic packing bags, which are silicon free and have tearing line for convenient use.