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Guide:DIASAP >> HR
Job information:
  • Purchasing Assistant;

  • With more than one-year experience in purchasing order issue, follow-up, billing to supplier, source new items, and raw material abnormity handling, etc.;

  • Education: at least Junior college;

Job information:
  • Electrical Engineer;

  • With more than three-year experience in electrical engineering and machine repair and with electrician certificate; Main work refers to production equipment and other devices' repair and maintenance, building complete equipment management policy, raise the production capacity and lower down the production cost;

Job information:
  • Continuous need for operators the whole year;

  • Be able to bear much working pressure, with great responsibility, careful for all things and obey the leader's order;

  • Education: at least middle school;

Job information:
  • Continuous need for merchandisers in overseas business;

  • With at least one-year experience in foreign customers development, strong learning initiation and communication, and obeying leader's order;

  • Education: at least Junior college with CET 6 or TEM 4; Good ability in listening, speaking, reading, and writing; Familiar with all office software;