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Sticky Mat & Sticky Roller
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Sticky Mat & Sticky Roller Sticky Mat & Sticky RollerSticky Mat & Sticky Roller

Sticky Mat & Sticky Roller


This item is our trading product. We have more than 10 years long-term sub-contractor with stable quality and competitive price for it to match our own produced products in international business. We need your detailed spec. for quotation.

Packing way:

product description

Sticky mat and sticky roller are both made of polyethylene film and one side has glue. They are usually used in the clean room. When people or wheels pass the sticky mat, it will stick all dirty things. When one layer of the mat is soiled or damaged, we can peel off this layer and use the new layer below, so it need not be cleaned or washed by hand. The sticky roller has similar function. The difference is that users usually need a handle to match with roller in using. The sticky mat is skid-proof and both items are environment friendly. The mat always has 30 layers per mat and 10mats per box. Roller is usually in 6” or 8” or 12in width and 10m or 20m length per roll even longer. Customized size is available.


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